School Development Plan

The School Development Plan is a vital strategic document which sets out the main priorities for improvement as determined by the school management team and governing body. While the version below outlines what these priorities are, the full working document contains more detail about who is responsible for putting them into practice and who evaluates their progress.

Each September, the teaching staff, Headteacher and school governors come together for a workshop on the School Development Plan. This exercise, away from the environment of the more structured full governing body meetings, encourages reflection on the past year, the sharing of ideas, and refocuses everyone's attention on an agreed set of priorities.

OfSTED Priorities

Following on from our OfSTED visit in October 2019  the school was given 'Good' with some areas to develop as outlined below:

The agreed priorities for the academic year 2019-20 incorporate these areas as well as other areas which stakeholders agree need to be developed.  These are outlined below

Priority 1:

To increase attainment and progess in all subjects for all learners, including vulnerable learners, ensuring they are in-line with the national expectation, taking into account different starting points.

Priority 2:

To develop the teaching and culture of reading across the school, ensuring attainment and progess is broadly in line with the national expectation, closing the gap with other subjects.

Priority 3:

To continue to develop leaders, including governance, and joint ways of working with partnership schools and distribute and strengthen middle leadership across both schools.

Priority 4:

To introduce and develop the use of Learning Powers within our curriculum to develop pupils' skills - resilience, independence, collaboration, communication, responsibility, reflection and craftsmanship.   

Priority 5:

To continue to improve and challenge attendance of pupils so that the school figure is at least good (96%).    

If you would like to see more detail about how we aim to work on these priorities please speak to Mrs Busari.