School Development Plan

The School Development Plan is a vital strategic document which sets out the main priorities for improvement as determined by the school management team and governing body. While the version below outlines what these priorities are, the full working document contains more detail about who is responsible for putting them into practice and who evaluates their progress.

Each September, the teaching staff, Headteacher and school governors come together for a workshop on the School Development Plan. This exercise, away from the environment of the more structured full governing body meetings, encourages reflection on the past year, the sharing of ideas, and refocuses everyone's attention on an agreed set of priorities.

OfSTED Priorities

Following on from our OfSTED visit in May 2017 the school were given priorities to develop in order for the school to become a good school at the next inspection.  These are highlighted on our OfSTED report but in brief, these are outlined below:

  1. Improve the quality and conisistency of teaching overall, particularly in mathematics and writing, so that it is consistently good or better and allows pupils to make expected or better than expected progress and improves outcomes.  Develop teachers' subject knowledge in maths. Improve outcomes in all subjects by  ensuring a systematic approach to teaching, particularly of writing and by building on learning in phonics.  Provide more opportunities for pupils to write at length.
  2. Develop the role of subject leaders in reveiwing their areas of responsibility and supporting improvements with rigour.
  3. Raise expectations of progress of pupils with a focus on more able and disadvantaged learners.  Improve the quality of pupils' handwriting and presentation.
  4. All staff use assessment effectively to plan work which challenges pupils of all abilities and backgrounds.

The agreed priorities for the academic year 2018-19 incorporate these areas as well as other areas which stakeholders agree need to be developed.  These are outlined below:

Priority 1: Leadership - Leaders at all levels (including governance) have an accurate picture of where the school is in terms of its performance, development and areas to improve and have a positive impact on bringing about change.

Priority 2: Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare - To futher develop the Christian Ethos of the school through teaching of Christian Values in Collective Worship and reflecting these values in the high expectations of behaviour by all staff in accordance with the developed behaviour policy.

Priority 3: Teaching, Learning and Assessment - To develop the teaching of the Mastery approach in maths to ensure that standards in mathematics rise to be in line with national levels.

Priority 4: Outcomes for Pupils - To continue to develop outcomes for pupils to ensure they are in-line with national expectations and that progress over time, from different starting points, is good.

Priority 5: To develop the sustainability of Ashton Church of England Primary School through increasing pupil numbers and developing collaboration with The Forest Federation.

If you would like to see more detail about how we aim to work on these priorities please speak to Mrs Busari.

Upcoming Dates

  • Sports Day - Reserve
    Mon 22 Jul 2019
  • Whole School trip to Conkers
    Tue 23 Jul 2019
  • Dance Club with Lianne
    Wed 24 Jul 2019