Results and DfE tables

Key Stage 2 results - 2015/16

Each July, the end of Key Stage 2 assessment results are published. We are pleased with the results this year from a small cohort of 11 children.

The results were as follows (figures in brackets represent national average):


Subject % of children who reached at least the expected standard
% of children who exceeded the expected standard
Reading 82% (66%) 27% (19%)
Writing 64%  (74%) 0%  (15%)
Mathematics 55%  (70%) 9%  (17%)
Spelling, punctuation, grammar (SPAG) 82%  (72%) 27%  (22%)

55% of pupils met the expected standard of attainment in all of reading, writing and mathematics (versus 53% nationally).


The assessment system at Key Stage 2 recently changed; where points and levels were used in previous years, a "scaled score" is now used instead.  Therefore, a calculation was devised by the DfE to enable progress between Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 to be measured.  A value of 0 (zero) represents a child who has made average progress, compared with other children nationally who started at a similar level at Key Stage 1.

The average progress for children at Ashton was:

Remember, 0 is the national average.

Ashton has small cohorts of children, so the results are not statistically significant.

The school met the government's floor standards in reading, writing and maths.

Department for Education (DfE) tables

The school is listed on the DFE website and performance details can be found in relation to the school. Please see the link below.

DfE Performance Tables

Please note: The performance often can’t be represented in these tables as we tend to have very small cohorts of children in each year group.