Sue Gentry

074 - - Ashton C of E Primary .jpg My name is Sue Gentry and I am the staff representative on the governing body. I am a part time Infant teacher, specialising in Early Years at Ashton Primary. I have been a primary teacher for many years starting in Year 6, working down the year groups and finally ending up in reception 9 years ago.

I began my teaching career in London, starting as a primary music specialist, progressing through the years to Assistant Head. My husband and I moved with our young daughter to Northampton 14 years ago. After the birth of our son, I returned to part time work in Daventry as an Infant teacher. During that time I studied for my SENCo diploma. I moved to Ashton Primary in September 2015.

I really enjoy representing the staff at the governing body meetings, and passing on my knowledge of education and previous governing body experience. I have really enjoyed learning from the different professionals that make up our governing body. We are very lucky to have such supportive individuals that are keen to use their skills and knowledge to help.

Outside school I have a busy life supporting my husband in the running of his own business and providing a taxi service for my two gorgeous children! In any free time I do have I like to bake and exercise.