Young citizens day

by Calum

On the 21st October 2015 the year 6 class went to Daventry UTC and entered their Young Citizens Day. It was really enjoyable. Our class was mixed with Yardley Gobion School. First we learnt how to call the police properly. The police made us listen to different calls and we had to choose which one was right.

Next we did an anti-bullying themed area. We had to fill in a sheet to show how we would act in different situations.

Then we did a cyber-bullying area where we got told how we can be safe on the internet, on social media and on public sites. Next we learnt how we can mark precious things to us. This room was great because a set up robbery happened and we had to describe how the man looked and we got everything right.

After that we did a how we can help the environment area and in that we had to write a pledge on what we would help and the winner got a prize (Ruby won the prize.) Next we had a quiz on what we had learnt we got real buzzers, I was in the blue team but we lost and the white team won.