Games night

by Harvey

Most terms we have a games night, it is organised by ASPA.

Lots of people come and we play lots of different games, on the latest one we were in groups and we did 5 different games:

1.  On one game we had to scrunch newspaper into balls and throw them into different things to get different amounts.

2.  On another game we had a bin full of water and some empty bowls and jugs. everyone had a little cup each, one at a time we filled our cup and moved as much water as we could to the bowls and jugs.

3.  On the next one there was a bowl full of old crisps there were 12 keys in them, using just a spoon we had to move as many keys into another bowl as we could.

4.  On a different one we each had a straw, we had to blow a bean across the table onto a baking tray.

5.  On the last game we had a dice,some chocolate and some big gloves. we sat in a circle and rolled the dice, if we got a 6 we had to put on the gloves and try to open the wrapper of the chocolate if we did we got to eat it.

Games night was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.