Safeguarding for adults

What is safeguarding?

It just means keeping children safe.

It probably isn't the word you would use to describe keeping children safe, but it is used universally by schools, the NHS, the police, social services, and so on.

Safe from what?

Keeping children safe from all kinds of abuse and neglect.

Before the days of mobile phones and the internet, the threat from abuse and neglect existed only in the 'physical' world. In today's world, all of these dangers can occur online and offline. Some dangers can begin online and continue offline, in the physical world. Keeping safe from online threats is known as 'e-safety'.

To a much greater extent than the physical world, risks and dangers to children online change quickly over time as technology develops and as trends spread.

It is our aim at Ashton C of E Primary School not to shy away from this unpleasant subject. Keeping children safe is everybody's responsibility and we know that sharing knowledge and advice with parents and carers, as well as with our pupils, is the most effective strategy.

Information on the school website

There is a huge amount of information available about safeguarding from a number of organisations such as:

...and many more.

There is also a lot of overlap of information, and each source of information has its strengths and limitations.

Our approach at Ashton C of E Primary is to do the running around for you, cherry picking the best sources of information available right now, and either including that information directly here on the website, or linking to other sites for you to visit yourself.

Our aim is to share enough knowledge and advice with parents and carers so that you feel confident to have conversations with your children about dangers they face, both online and offline.

We also want to reassure parents and carers that the school takes its responsibility to look after its pupils very seriously, and ensures that members of staff are trained well to apply safeguarding procedures when concerns arise.

Of course we try to keep this part of the school website up to date but if:

Please get in touch to let us know straight away so that we can fix it.

We encourage you to read all of the information in this section. We then recommend that you read the information for children so that you can sit down with them and go through it as a family when your gut feeling tells you it's time to have those conversations.

I would like more information about:

Abuse and neglect



Female genital mutilation (FGM)


Parents' guide to the MASH (local council intervention)

Advice on keeping your cool (NSPCC)

Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board (newly updated and now excellent website)